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Most likely the best value for money accounting in Hong Kong!

  • We offer you the most technologically advanced accounting with cloud computing software XERO (Incl.)
  • We don’t charge per transaction (we just put a 2,500 cap) but per turnover
  • All inclusive: Know exactly how much you will pay. Up to HKD 5 million our packages are really transparent and include: Accounting – Audit and Tax representation
  • A team that serve! The moment you will step in our office, you will realise we are not your traditional accountant. You will experience: quality service, casual friendly relationship and  dedication to client education

Get an ongoing accounting, know exactly how much you earn and how much you spend. Don’t wait the end of the year to realise you lost half of your tickets or your profit is too high and will have to pay a lot of tax. With this solution, you will have your accounting on a quarterly or even monthly basis (if you have the discipline to send us everything on time) and you will really know what’s happening in your company.

Our package includes: Accounting + Audit + Tax.

We also decided to offer our clients a FREE subscription to XERO (the fast-growing cloud software) so that you can have a state of the art accounting. This has a cost of about HKD2,800 and 3,800HKD a year (depending on whether you use single or multiple currencies) – we used to charge extra for this and now we offer it to you free since January 2017. The software comes with invoicing features to get all your invoices organised and kept in Xero rich reports such as P&L, Balance sheet, customised report…

Check here for more information:

Choose the right subscription for you.

Just choose the package that corresponds to your turnover:

  • SEED: HKD0 to HKD250,000 a year
  • STARTER: HKD250,001 to HKD1,000,000  year
  • STARTER+: HKD1,000,001 to HKD2,000,000 a year
  • BUSINESS: HKD 2,000,001 to 3,500,000 a year
  • BUSINESS+: HKD 3,500,001 to 5,000,000 a year

You can upgrade / downgrade anytime depending on your expected turnover. At the end of the year we will adjust in function of your Final turnover.

After registering one of our consultant will contact you to explain you how to keep your invoices, tickets… If you are already several months into your accounting year, we will send you an invoice for the previous months separately.

At the end of your accounting year, if your turnover is higher than the package you choose we will send you an invoice with the remaining amount ( the difference between what you paid and what you should have paid) before submitting your accounting to audit.

You have to pay at least 12 months of subscription to have a full accounting cycle + audit and tax representation. (For example, you can’t join on the 11th month of the year and expect ATHENASIA to do the work for 1-month subscription price).

All our subscribers can directly become affiliate and refer clients to our platform and earn a 10% lifetime commission on their referral’s consumptions on


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Plan Type

SEED (HKD 0 to 250K), STARTER (HKD 250K to 1M), STARTER+ (HKD 1M to 2M), BUSINESS (HKD 2M to 3.5M), BUSINESS+ (HKD 3.5M to 5M)


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